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    2. Basically that low paid workers are getting screwed with their pants on.... (that they are getting poorer and loosing control in their ability to change their outlook) A decline in unionisation means that due to a decrease in membership of workers-unions, individual workers are less effective at defending their ground in the global market place. This weakens the individual and strengthens industry’s ability to treat it workers, most usually the lower paid workers, poorly. A fall in the real value of the minimum wage means that inflation is happening at a faster rate than any increases in the minimum wage.. meaning that you get paid the same but everything else gets more expensive, therefore you can’t buy as much and to in ‘real terms’ that wage is worth less that is was. It’s ‘real value’ has fallen. For example at the moment the U.K. has a negative wage growth rate of 11% meaning (especially for the lowest paid workers) that their wages are being left in the dust by inflation. Exacerbated. = to make worse.

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