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Q: What does empower our uniqueness mean?
A: To find strength in not being normal or like others.
Q: What does uniqueness mean?
A: To be different from other things/people

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Q: What is the difference between uniqueness and individuality ?
A: Uniqueness - 特色
Individuality - 人性

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Q: Sometimes uniqueness is rejected from society. I think it’s kind of natural things but also think we should realize we have a possibility to be both person who rejects and being rejected.

※This is one of my film reviews. I’m not sure if that sentences make sense or not. does this sound natural?
A: “Sometimes, individuality (uniqueness) is rejected by society. I believe this is natural, however, I also believe we must realize the possibility we could become the rejected or the ones who reject others.”
Q: They’ve got their own uniqueness each other. does this sound natural?
A: Thank you 😊🙏
Q: is this correct?
We are all different, this is our uniqueness
A: it's better to say 'that is our uniqueness' but good job!❤

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