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    2. So, these are the corrections I have: First Paragraph~ -"in" instead of "of" in first sentence -Switch "It" and state " Urban Heat Island" - instead of "that" use "when an" Full Paragraph~ The most serious problem in Tokyo is the Urban Heat Island. Urban Heat Island is the phenomena when an urban area is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas. Second Paragraph~ -"a lot of" instead of "many" -break off into new sentence after "soil' -start of next sentence with a transition word such as "Causing" before "the congestion" - change "the" to "an" before "incresase" Full Second Paragraph~ This is mainly because, in the city, there is a lot of asphalt and less wood or soil. Which causes, the congestion of the building and an increase in waste heat. Third Paragraph~ -change "This phenomenon causes many problems" to "This phenomenon is the root to many problems," - can you clarify what "unpleasantness" is in this scenario Full Third Paragraph~ This phenomenon is the root to many problems, such as an increase in our unpleasantness**, energy consumption, and terrential rains. Fourth Parargraph~ -"of" instead of "go the " infront of "building" -make building plural (add an 's' _ buildings) - take out "the" in front of "roads" - add "and, in" before "garden" -make "garden" plural -change "of our" to "at" -change "house" to "home" - if the last sentence is the concluding sentence use -"Finally," instead of "Moreover," -Add concluding sentence Example: With these methods the problems have been spoken of will be reselved. Full Forth Paragraph: In order to tackle these problems, we can plant tress on roofs of buildings, sides of roads, and in gardens at home. This can reduce the absorption of color energy. Finally, we can use devices which have high energy efficiency. You did sosososo well. I am very nitpicky so you were great. GOOD JOB!!!

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    2. explains it well. Also think of it this way: When you walk by a dog who is sitting on the street, you PASS him. To put it in other words: you GO PAST him. So the word "past" relates to the verb "to pass (someone/something)".

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    2. You're welcome. :)

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    2. I was on my way home, by train. There was only one window-side seat available next to an aisle seat, where a mid-age gentleman was busy with his cellphone. Before long, a woman carrying a large suitcase came up to the seat and found that it was not taken. It was plain to see that she needed an aisle seat so that she could hold her suitcase as there was less space in front of the window seat. Though the man noticed her stop beside him, he acted like he didn’t. I know that such people are kind of ubiquitous in big cities where people expect others to ignore their thoughtless behavior in public, but as it turns out, he was on another level altogether, in terms of shamelessness. Instead of offering his seat, he refused to move even an inch, until the woman requested him to switch. He eventually did, but kept expressing his discomfort so openly that I couldn’t get my head around what I was witnessing. During the move, he sighed deeply many a times and even frowned at his cellphone without giving her a single glance, as if trying to show that he was being greatly inconvenienced.

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