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    2. It’s like when you write Quote = when you start something Unquote = when you are finished Ex: Quote, i have a dream (or anything that someone else said or wrote), unquote. In writing it would be “I have a dream” but when you say it aloud the first “ is quote and the second “ is unquote.

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    2. There are some Phrases unique to African American's who speak in a particular accent. The speaker is saying they are Caucasian and don't use phrases like "baby daddy" that are common to that accent.

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    2. It's a phrase to indicate what someone else has said. It's only used in speech and not so much in writing. Example: " 'I'm not going to the wedding' quote unquote. That's what you said yesterday." It's not particularly necessary to use this expression besides giving emphasis to what someone has said. it would be just as correct to say: " 'I'm not going to the wedding', that's what you said yesterday." The punctuation may change a bit but your point would still get across. Hope this helps.

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    2. “Quote unquote” is usually only used when speaking and not writing. We use it to show what someone else has said, like when you read a book. Sally: The movie was too scary! ———————————————— Written: Sally said the movie was “too scary” Spoken: Sally said the movie was too (quote, unquote) scary! ———————————————— Honestly, we use it sarcastically most of the time.

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    2. Both types of quotes can be used. Normally you will use double-quotes so that they cannot be confused with an apostrophe. You would most commonly use single quotes when quoting inside another quote, for example: He said "I think that she said 'we need only three apples', but I think we should ask her to be sure."

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    2. They are used when referencing what someone else said. Saying “quote unquote” shows the beginning and end of the reciting of something else. Notice the usage of the quotation marks (“). Simply say quote unquote in places where you would type quotation marks

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    2. Quote, it also means repeat or copy out (words from a text or speech written or spoken by another person)

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