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    2. Great question. Very subtle nuances of meanings there. I'll give it a go: On a semantic level, the pair unable/incapable basically shares the same meaning. To be precise, some say that -unable suggests inability dictated by circumstances or momentum While -incapable suggests a complete inability E.g. I'll be unable to play football this week as I feel a bit under the weather (momentary condition) I'm incapable of playing football cause I have no co-ordination (permanent condition) Frankly, the difference is so subtle that in oral communication both can be used interchangeably (even in written text if you ask me). However, if the semantic difference is pretty much nonexistent, the grammatical level is worth of a brief consideration. 'Unable' takes the infinitive form of a verb (unable to play) 'Incapable of' takes the gerund of the verb (incapable of playing) Now, unsuitable means not appropriate or suited E.g. Tropical climate is unsuitable for polar bears. Impossible can have various meanings: 1) Not able to occur In this case it differs from incapable or unable because it is used only for inanimate objects, whereas the former are used on sentient beings. E.g. An impossible quest 2) intractable or unreasonable person E.g. She goes hysterical for nothing. Such an impossible woman! I hope I made myself clear and clarified your doubts. If not, apologies :p Appreciate the effort haha

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    2. i think that the difference between those two is that the second sentence is incorrect.

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    2. It's from FRIENDS Joey: It's a poster for that World War I movie that I'm in. Check it out. Ross: Yeah? Wow, it looks really violent. Joey: Yeah, I know. I'm coming soon to a theater near you. I'm in THX. I'm unsuitable for children! ___________________________ Joey was just joking. 1. I'm coming soon to a theather near you. Joey is an actor in that WW 1 movie, so he makes reference to himself, as "I". 2. It's a tag lie that the movie trailers/teasers always say, "Coming soon to a theather near you" 3. I'm in THX, he was just refering to himself as the actor in the movie, thus "I". THX is the sound system you often see in theather, I dont exactly know what's it, but we also sometimes see Dolby Surround Sound or High Definition etc... 4. Why he says he is unsuitable for children? Because Ross commented that it looks like a violent movie. Thus, this movie is unsuitable for children. Probably an R rated movie (Restricted), unsuitable for children. 5. I'm unsuitable for children? a funny way of wording it. does it mean he shouldnt hang around with kids? a paedophile ? or he cant stand kids or he could be impotent? The writer did not ellaborate what he meant by that. It's up to the viewers to interpret it. It's just a joke. Joey is a funny guy, his lines are just meant to make people laugh. The whole tv series is a sitcom, comedy.

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    2. I agree with you. It would only be correct if what they were doing forced the fish to go bad. It could be the case that they are, but we would need to see what context it was written in. A better sentence would be "Don't let the fish go bad"

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    2. These are some changes I would suggest making: When I was a senior in high school, I had no clear concept of career planning. I chose an ill-fitting major, and this troubled me for many years. After finally discovering my passion in life, it became clear that it would be difficult to have my dream job while also being able to support myself financially. However, as long as there is a chance, I would like to write all day and read all night. This would be a life worth living.

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