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    2. “Series of unsurprising results” “An unsurprising victory” :D

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    2. here's how I would have written this hope it helps. "Good advice for the college bound" is written by nationally syndicated columnist, William Raspberry. - these changes are just purely to make that introduction flow better when reading. it's common to place titles of things in " " to indicate it's a title, i realise that can be confusing. the article is designed to give advice to students who are set on a particular course of study and their parents. - again it's just about flow of reading. In the essay the author lays to rest the myth that a liberal arts education is useless to students. - just one or two small changes here William Raspberry proves that a liberal arts education can be better than deciding on a career path too early. - the main change here is because in the UK we don't have sophomore as a name for a year (what Americans called grade) in school The article is a personal endorsement from the author; we know this because he frequently uses first person pronouns e.g. I've made, I've heard. - this one took me a while to work out what you were trying to say but honestly this was a guess i hope it works. The author uses a casual style often referring to personal information and anecdotes, "it is, to this liberal arts graduate and father of a college-bound daughter, splendid advice." - again as we get into more quotations and statistics i found it harder to read but I'll keep going see what you think. William Raspberry uses many techniques to persuade the reader of his view point. one such technique is using sympathetic language, "But the unsurprising fact is that most students cannot know at age 19 or 20 what the will want to be doing at age 39 or 40." - most of the changes I'm making are so that the quotations and statistics flow easier when reading I hope im keeping to how you feel it should be written. Another technique Raspberry uses is providing statistics from other people in the field that help prove his argument, he cites the co author of "life after liberal arts" booklet, Susan Tyler Hancock. The booklet was based on statistics from a survey of 2,000 liberal arts alumni, " 20% surveyed are in law, 9% in medicine, 9% in financial services and 6% each in government and electronics/computer technology." - so all these changes are so that visually the sentence is ordered in a way that makes more sense to native British readers. The author uses lots of strong dynamic phrasing as another technique with phrases like, "locking into career tracks", "ready made for a job", "sell themselves more" and "winning combination". In conclusion we can see the the author has made a strong and logically sound case, that firmly sells the reader on the idea that the liberal arts is a worthwhile college education. - these changes are because typically when concluding an analysis we tend to refer back to the original point of the analysis as it bring symmetry to the work.. anyway hope this helps i tried my best it took about an hour but it was fun and i hope it kept true to what you wanted to say.

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