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    2. Wow, it's long. Some things that are worded slightly unnaturally but overall it sounds good, although quite verbose. Here are a few things that are especially grating to me: "any prestigious one" -> not sure what you are trying to say here, maybe you mean like "anyone with a brain can analyze the facts..." (but that sounds too colloquial) "supported by the formulation of the called truth criteria" -> again not sure what you mean but perhaps "supported by commonly held truths" "above all demanding demonstrating" -> above all demanding AND demonstrating "free and open figure" -> maybe "free and open MIND" "profession, claims" -> profession AND claims " fight in a hostile territory, and that he must continue to sculpt the utopia without possibility of desertion." -> again not sure what this means I will lose track of this in HiNative but if you want to go over it in more detail you could PM me tomkins punto greg arroba gmail punto com. Si no, adios y suerte ;)

    1. Other types of questions
    2. It is good grammar, but a little hyperbolic. Grades, at least in the US, can't improve exponentially. Thanks to all of his efforts, his grades have improved greatly.

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