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    2. В прямом смысле, направление вверх по склону. В переносном, сложности в продвижении вперёд.

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    2. The smoke went up. I looked upwards. I walked uphill for half an hour. It's an uphill battle - it's a struggle with many obstacles.

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    2. These 3 long, uphill kilometers on this 4 kilometer trail is absolutely excessive. I don't want to ride it anymore. You seem to have an intellectual and formal style.

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    2. I would say them as follows: • Look at that (uphill) slope. Do you think we can walk up? • Look at that (downhill) slope. I can't wait to ride/cycle down it!

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    2. @Eduardoakaedu: Your sentences are correct. But saying "cycle up it" and "cycle down" wouldn't be as common as saying "ride up it" or "make it to the top".... However you could definitely say your version and be understood.

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    2. You walk along the main road until you hit an uphill part. Then you can see a wall on the left hand side of the road. The building is above/ on the second floor above the wall.

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    2. During the weekends, I spent most of the time with family. We do not have a memorial ceremony for our ancestors. My parents do not believe in Confucianism. We decided that we did not want to go our hometown. Instead, we decided to spend time with just the family. Of course, we gave my grandmother a call to say hello. On Thursday, we went to the Mt. Gyjok, Daejeon. It is famous for its red clay road. Walkig on the road is good for helping blood circulation and digestive function. Because there were a lot of uphill roads, it was a little hard for me. While climbing mountain, we saw a cute Eurasian Red squirrel. Also, I was surprised when it jumped from tree to tree, then in a crack. My family took tons of pictures with a beautiful view in the background. My mom took pictures of me with unique statues at the photo zone. They are little taller than me. The surface of the painted part of statue seemed like colorful tiles that were smooth and cold. While descending the mountain, we met my maternal uncle's wife. She said my uncle played with their baby in the playground. Their baby is too young to climb a mountain, so they climbed in the playground. In the playground, my mom talked a minute with my uncle. My brother and I played with my nephew. We realized looking after a child is really hard. After saying goodbye to my uncle and nephew, my family and I stumbled across the Cosmos flower festival. There were many beautiful cosmo flowers. They came in many colors such as white, and pink, and it was such a beautiful place. After returning home, we were so hungry. Suddenly I wanted to eat slices of raw fish, so I suggested eating it. We ate sashimi by dipping it in red-chili-pepper paste with vinegar. It was very delicious! We also ate the Maeuntang. It's similar to fish stew. It is little spicy. On Thursday, we did nothing special. We went shopping and exercising as usual. The one thing I remember is watching a movie. We saw "La La Land." According to tradition in Korea, most people have a memorial ceremony for ancestors. For preparing the ceremony, people should cook a lot. Due to Confucianism, many people think women have to cook for the ceremony. It is wrong. This is not just my opinion. Originally according to Confucianism ideas, ancestors prohibited women from cooking. They think if the women cook, then they would suffer bad luck. As time passed, the Confucianism ideas changed. Also, when a woman gets married, she has to perform the memorial ceremony for ancestors of her husband's family. She can't perform the ceremony for ancestors of her family. I wonder why a married woman has to perform the ceremony for ancestors of another's family. There is no degree of kinship between husband and wife. In Korea, degrees of kinship is important. Depending on kinship, the name of relationship is different. In English, the name of a younger brother of husband, older brother of a husband, younger brother of a wife and older brother of wife is just an uncle. However, in Korea, all name is different. Anyway, I researched the origin of the memorial ceremony for ancestors on RISS(Research Information Sharing Service). RISS is similar to the Library and Archives Canada. I found the history of the ceremony. According to a report (Park Kyeungsin. "The aspect of memorial rites of the upper class in the mid-17th century - as seen in the “Byung-Ja-Il-Gi (丙子日記)” -." THE CHIN-TAN HAKPO, .127 (2016.12): 99-129.), in 1638, 1639 and 1640, it's clear that the woman whose husband is the first vice-premier performed the ceremony for her mother. Plus, the first vice-premier is the prime minister at present. I also found another fact. According to another report (Park, Jeong-hee. Reformation Plan for Ancestral Rite-The journal of tea culture & industry studies, No.26(2014):67-94.), in the mid-seventeenth century, the firstborn son inherited a large fortune in exchange for performing the ceremony. However, from 1998, the law of domestic relations was revised. The law says parents must bequeath equally their estate to their children. This is what I did during the Chouseok. Spending time with family and studying the origin and history of the memorial ceremony.

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    2. "I took this picture when I ran the half marathon last weekend. It was tough running uphill, but it was so much fun nonetheless!"

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