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Q: What does Can a vaccinated person still {shed} virus? mean?
A: in this case it would mean “spread” or carry the virus and transfer it to others with whom they become in contact.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? I've got vaccinated
A: I got vaccinated
I've gotten vaccinated

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Q: You can go anywhere you want after getting vaccinated. Does this sound natural?
A: I would say after being fully vaccinated (i.e.... the 2 shots, plus at least 2 weeks later)

Q: I have been vaccinated.
I have taken two-dose vaccines.
Do they sound natural? Thanks
A: "I have been vaccinated." is natural.
The second one should be "I have taken two doses of the vaccine." or "I have received two doses of the vaccine."
Q: *fully vaccinated.

*fully charged.

*fully painted.

(does this sound natural?)
A: Not really, but people have fun playing around with expressions at times. They don't always have to be perfect.

Q: She's already been vaccinated for the coronavirus. Does this sound natural?
A: perfect
Q: ‎Which one is correct?

‎Consequences of not being vaccinated.

Consequences of not getting vaccinated.
A: the second one

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