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Q: What does 'vape' mean?
A: To inhale vapor from an electronic cigarette.
Q: What does vape mean?
A: Vape is a type of smoking where you inhale this water vape tobacco type mixture that when heated it turns into a gas that you inhale and exhale like smoke. It's not as addictive as cigarettes but because of tobacco people do smoke it often.
It's normally smoked in this metal flask looking device.
Q: What does vape mean?
A: It is short for 'vaporiser' or 'vaporise'
Q: What does vape and cosplay mean?
A: Vape: Inhale steam from an e-cig

Cosplay: Dress up as a fictional character, usually at a convention

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Q: What is the difference between vape and breath in ?
A: Vaping is to use eCigarette. Breathing in is..well, taking oxygen in through mouth.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? vape
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Что такое vape?
A: What kind of vaporizer?

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Q: A: Is there any vape shop in Japan?
B: Seems there is. does this sound natural?
A: A: Are there any vape shops in Japan?
B: It seems so.

That sounds more natural to me.
Q: You should vape instead of smoking. does this sound natural?
A: Instead of smoking, you should vape.
(I think sounds more natural)
Q: Honestly, I'm not crazy about vaping because a vape is pure chemicals. does this sound natural?
A: I'd say 'the vape's essence/etheric oil/liquid is all chemicals, but that's somewhat inferred as it is :)

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