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    2. yes think so too

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    2. They both mean (roughly) the same thing. It's all in how you use the word. Cats come in various colours. The time it took to cook the meals varied from dish to diah.

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    2. They mean almost the same thing. For example, "The sky is varied shades of blue" means it isn't just one shade of blue, there are different shades of blue in the sky. For example, "I need to buy various things - food, clothes, and paper" means I need to buy different kinds of things.

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    2. You could use 'varied' in the past tense in place of 'were different' like: Their ideas varied. says you can use 'varied' in the present tense to describe things that are different but somewhat similar. Personally, I'm not sure what the difference between the use of 'various' and 'varied' is. They are similar. I can't think of good examples, but this website explains it well.

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    2. As a member of the Student Union, I participated in many activities. I also spent some time as an intern at a cultural media company in Zhengzhou. In a nutshell, I learned a lot during my varied experiences at university. Sorry about the butchering of Zhengzhou (:

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    2. They are Mexican musicians that incorporated a mix of instruments and genders. A majority of these were used in pre Hispanic music and Latin percussions.

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    2. I cannot imagine what this world would become without music - after just one day humans would sink into darkness and become emotionless ... with the advance of many modern techniques we have access to listen to ... to popular international music. It is true that the international music is catchy ...kinds of entertainment which we rely on most ...Besides that, it’s entertaining as well ..advertisement campaigns. ...narrate the stories of our history ...Those songs are always meaningful and instill patriotism ..a sense of pride over the virtues which we pass on to the next generation. Our music is also an important part of our culture so we should all appreciate it. ..indispensable in people’s lives. a whole we still need to recognise the value of our music. Wow your essay is so good!! It’s better than anything I could write 😂 Hope this helped you :)

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    2. In addition, I would love to contribute to the diversity of this program with my varied internship experiences* of handling many business cases and prior research*(research experience of OR research on) on ‘Ethical Demonstration and Improvement Strategies for Internet Media Reports on Medical Dispute’. The research, in particular, made me aware*(enlightened me and to be aware are basically saying the same thing, but made me aware sounds better here) of the tendency of* the world of laws. During my research, as the first author, I was in charge of writing the entire paper. In the literature review, I became* familiar with the advanced legal provisions of* medical disputes, the media, and the internet and was deeply impressed by the predictability of the law-makers in European countries. Meanwhile, it dawned on me that despite the differences of the development of law in various countries, the general trend is similar. Hence, I believe that the applicability of law will encounter smaller and smaller barriers among countries. To this end, I am especially aware of the importance of this LL.M program, for it offers numerous opportunities for me to learn and to strive for the improvement of rules.

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    2. Nowadays, more varied sports have been getting [more popular]. Some of [these] sports are criticized [for] their danger. Therefore, there is a discussion whether [or not] to ban particular sports. In this essay, I would like to express my opinion that [dangerous] sports should not be banned. [For those who support banning, it is significant] that the mortality rate of sports largely depends on the kind of sports. According to [data] collected by [the] Japanese government, among the sports taught in public high schools, Judo caused the [most] fatal accidents, [with over] 20 times the number of table tennis [accidents], which was the safest [sport] in this data.

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    2. Hi! I must admit I am not sure I will be totally correct, but I will point out some of your mistakes! Firstly, I think you mean to say “role model wanted” instead of “authority wanted”. The word ‘role model / leader’ is more appropriate to be used in your writing. ‘Authorities’ is usually used for the government. If you want to use the word ‘authority’ for a person, you can say ‘He has a lot of authority over (somebody).’ ROLE MODEL WANTED It is said that nowadays, it is hard to find people who can be role models for teenagers. (Use the word “leaders” instead of “authorities”.) Back then, people with incredible talent had ethical standards. However, now it appears that people who have achieved success and fame do not have any rules or limits. (Use the word ‘however’ to show that there is a difference between the past and now.) So whose example can the teenagers follow to avoid the destruction of humanity? (The use of “who’s is wrong. The correct word should be “whose”. “Who’s” means who is.)(Use “can” instead of “could”.)(It is “the” destruction of humanity not “a”.) The fact is, times are changing, and so are the norms. (“Lifestyle’s norms” sounds awkward to me.) Sometimes, what is unacceptable for an older person can be completely normal for a younger person. We cannot treat the life in the () way. (We can (I don’t understand this part.) our style upon person X, our diet upon person Y and our way of writing poems upon person Z. (“Writting” is wrong. The word is spelt with one t.) The development of the economy causes endless possibilities. (The article “the” is needed before the word “economy”. The word “enormous” means big, I think you mean many so I have used here the word “endless”.) Thanks to that, no matter what you are interested in, you can find some people who have obtained the master level in that field on the Internet. (“Whatever you are” instead of “whatever are you”. It is better to use “no matter what you are”. Use the word “field” instead of “branch”. It is “on” the Internet, not “in”.) Unavoidably, you admire those people / that person. You realise (I don’t understand what you mean.) (“Realise” is British, “realize” is American.) This type of people usually love to share their passion (knowledge and experience) with others. They make you understand that "yes, you can do it too, it is possible". The indisputable role model in the dance field that I have looked up to, for ages, is Galen Hooks. She is a dancer and choreographer from Los Angeles. Her choreographies on YouTube, which includes original dance moves, have intrigued me. Previously, I had never seen before, such precision and perfection of workmanship and acting in dance. When I had my first pleasure to take her classes, I saw a huge passion in her. While teaching us, she gave us precious tokens of advice (“Tokens of advice” is a common phrase. Learn to use it.) and remarks which I then analysed and regularly followed to correct the quality of my movements. She is my number one. To sum up, in our times, there are many more people who can be role models for teenagers than ever before in various fields, mainly thanks to the Internet. (Use “many” instead of “more”.) However we have to remember to choose wisely only the best characteristics of our role model to be inspired by. (“Use our brains” can be replaced with “wisely”.) Please ask if you have any questions.

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    2. “I’m hooked on the Trever Noah show now.” and “His talking with varied rhythms and voices is highly entertaining.” Just add a “the” in the first sentence, and take out the “a” in the third sentence, and it will be perfect!

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