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Q: What does “Are you vertical?” mean?
A: Are you high/have you been taking drugs?
Q: What does verticals mean?
A: Vertical is something straight.
Q: What does vertical handsome mean?
A: こんにちは

vertical = 垂直
handsome = ハンサム

'vertical' + 'handsome' = 正しくありません. 意味がありません. ごめんなさい日本語をあまりはなしません。
Q: What does "vertical" in 308 mean?
A: It's a term for how companys are built and scaled. Vertical means one company handles everything to make the final product. Horizontal means different companys create things that come together in a final product.

So basically the people talking don't want their own company to handle distributing the final product. They want the process split, it seems.

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Q: What is the difference between vertical and perpendicular ?
A: This line is vertical: | (Straight line going from up to down/down to up.)

These lines are perpendicular: |- (Two lines with a 90 degree angle between them.)
Q: What is the difference between vertical and lengthwise ?
A: Hm.. well..

Lengthwise is used to describe which side to focus on.

1. Fold the paper lengthwise (the longest direction).

2. Cut the potatoes lengthwise so the potatoes are long -not wide.

Vertical describes a direction.

1. The pole is standing vertically.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? vertical
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Q: Please show me how to pronounce vertical.
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