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    2. A window on a ship

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    2. ah, I think I understand the question from a grammatical point of view. 1) If you want to show the potential, the possibility for two paradigms existing (in the future, if you make the suggested changes to the software to allow this coexistence) then you should say: "I think two paradigms could* coexist in Eevee." (if we modify the software.) 2) If these paradigms have a chance of being brought into co-existence without changing the software to allow this: "I think two paradigms can* coexist in Eevee." - In the software's current state, it is possible for this co-existence to be made. It sounds like you are making a software suggestion, so you probably need example 1, because it is a hypothetical proposal. Meanwhile by saying "If such is the case" then you are referring to the case you've just mentioned: two paradigms possibly coexisting in Eevee. So I would suggest a correction: "Since both Eevee and the viewport of BI are OpenGL, I think two paradigms could coexist in Eevee. If such is the case, don't you think that the flexibility of Eevee would increase and we could catch two birds with one stone?" You're basically saying: "if two paradigms could coexist in Eevee, then Eevee's flexibility would increase." Gosh, I hope this makes sense...

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