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    2. 1) The kids ran out of the cafe. It was really easy to imagine looking at their happy faces how much ice-cream they had just CONSUMED. 2)As much as I would like to keep SOCIALIZING with you, I know that we have to discuss more important issues. 3) Blake came up to the table, looked through the night telegrams we received and decided that none of them REQUIRED answering immediately. 4) The considerable change in the INVESTMENT PATTERN in the Russian economy is an ACCOMPLISHED fact that should be taken into account. 5) The considerable change in family roles undoubtedly has a significant impact on SOCIALIZATION of children. 6)A good teacher does not try to IMPOSE their beliefs on their students but aims to teach them to think independently. 7) Scientists have yet to reach a consensus on why the once thriving Aztec cities were left by their inhabitants. 8) On television, the prime-minister GRUDGINGLY admitted that an average salary in the country is not sufficient to satisfy THE DAILY REQUIREMENTS of the citizens. 9) I'm sorry I don't know what you meant by patterning in this sentence! 10) When John's firm went bankrupt, Michael's company was the only PRODUCER of this type of equipment and it has been THRIVING since then, and John developed a GRUDGE against Michael.

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