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Q: What does vocational focus mean?
A: “Job focus” or “job skill focus”. Describes which careers / jobs the individual(s) wants to focus on/learn.

Ex. Hairstylist, Doctor
Q: What does vocational training mean?
A: Vocational training is education for specific trade jobs.

So, a person will do vocational training to learn the specific skills they’ll need in their chosen trade job.

Some examples of trade jobs are: construction, engineering, technicians, dental hygienists, web development, carpentry, plumbing, welding, mechanics, repair people, therapists, electricians, beauticians etc.
Q: What does vocational mean?
A: meaning it's related to a occupation or employment
Q: What does vocational education mean?
A: It’s different than college. It’s hands on skills like carpentry or electric work.

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Q: What is the difference between vocational and professional ?
A: Vocational tends to refer to work in the trades like welding, carpentry, and other jobs that require additional schooling beyond high school, but not necessarily what you would find in a university or college.

Professional refers more to a way of acting around others. It’s when you dress and talk nice to interact with others about business. It’s the way you would act at a job interview, for example.
Q: What is the difference between vocational and professional ?
A: "vocational" means to undergo training in a skill to be pursued as a career, while "professional" means a paying career obtained due to certain qualifications
Q: What is the difference between vocational college and community college ?
A: Along with the information above...
Community colleges are non-residential. They offer an associate's degree in two years, or students go on to a four year college (with their credits from community college) to complete a university degree.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? vocational
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: I’m good at vocational subjects.......... fixing or making things.
a.Like b.As c.such as d.such
A: Mostly we
Q: Please show me how to pronounce vocational school .
A: thank you 😭💓
Q: ‎I graduated from a vocational high school. The department I studied was a computer programming. Because of that, I always wanted to get into the department of computer engineering in university. does this sound natural?
A: You can shorten and combine your sentences to sound more natural. "I graduated from a vocational high school and studied computer programming. I would like to continue studying this field by entering a university program in computer engineering."
Q: I'm going to learn English at the vocational school for translation and interpretation.
does this sound natural?
A: Vocational school is common in Japan, but I’m not really very sure if that’s common in the U.K.! So some people might not get your meaning of “vocational school” when you mention it to them.

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