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    2. Very similar words but there are slight differences Vulgarity = anything without taste or class (basically the opposite of sophistication and elegance) - "That revealing dress is very vulgar" - "I'm not attracted to the vulgarity of your jokes" Obscenity = usually sexual materials that's disgusting and offensive; also can mean shocking - "The movie was banned from school for obscenity" - "Your obscene language is the reason everybody hates you" - "She spent an obscene amount of money on clothes" (in this case it means "shocking") Profanity = usually used for curse words - "Young children should not read the book because it has a lot of profanity" - "She was mad so she yelled out a bunch of profanities" - "Profanity is not allowed in my house"

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    2. On a winter night, one old man cut his throat with a razor and attempted suicide and has been carried to the mental hospital. The name of the old man is former Imperial Court musician Antonio Salieri. Salieri talked about his past with genius musician Mozart to the father who came to see Salieri. Salieri was objected to play music by his father, and envied Mozart, who played a piano in front of the emperor and the Pope since I was young. Salieri went to Vienna right after his father died. He is recognized by the Austrian emperor, and became a composer of the Imperial Court. One day Salieri attends the concert that Mozart held in the mansion of the Salzburg archbishop. Salieri did not yet know the face of Mozart, but saw Morzart chasing a woman who laughed strangely. Salier is disappointed at Mozart's excessive vulgarity. Mozart was invited to the Imperial Court of Vienna from Joseph II. He is told to compose an opera to stage in a national theater in Germany. Mozart added arrangements and improvised the march that Salieri wrote for Joseph II. The emperor introduced his fiance Constanze to Mozart, and convinced to marry and live in Vienna. Then when Constanze ェ wants to go back with Mozart to Salzburg, I raised a wedding ceremony without asking for the father's permission. As for Mozart, his financial management is rough as ever after the marriage, and Constanze begins to be troubled with the cost of living. When Salieri heard the music of Mozart, he decided to eliminate Mozart because his talent was an obstacle for Salieri. Leopold, who is Mozart's father, comes over to Mozarthaus Vienna. Leopold realized that Constanze was pregnant. A young woman visits in the house of Mozart. She said that the woman is employed as a maid in this house. Salieri sent her as a spy. The maid found The French drama "the marriage of Figaro" that the emperor banned. The court accepted Mozart to play "the marriage of Figaro". Salieri told a director to delete a part of the ballet, but Mozart asked Salieri for help since he does not know the order was made by Salieri. When The emperor saw the reharsal without the ballet, he told Mozart to put it back. Salieri asked Mozart to see his new opera, and it was praised as "the best masterpiece of the conventional opera" by the emperor, and Mozart gave him praise. After Leopold died, Mozart used his sorrow and confession to the father in the opera called "Don Giovanni". The audience did not enjoy the opera, but Salieri felt Mozart's immeasurable talent again. After a while, Mozart did not have much money and a masked man who is Salieri asked him to compose the requiem for a large amount of money, at the same time he also asked to compose the opera for his friend. Morzart chose to compose the opera, although Constanze was in need of money to raise their kids; she left the home right after the argument. While he was playing the new opera "The Magic Flute", he lost consciousness in the middle of the presentation then Salieri took care of him. They went to the room and someone knocked on the door, Mozart thought it was Death, but it was actually his friend. Salieri lied to Mozart that you completed the requiem, Death will pay more. Mozart was already weak. Therefore, he asked Salieri to write down what he said, however, his imagination ovewhelmed Salieri. at dawn, Constanze came back and found Mozart is almost dead. She asked Salieri to quit composing the requiem, although he respected Mozart's intention. In the sorrow of rain, after a small funeral, Mozart's corpse was thrown away like garbage by a public cemetery. Salieri told his father. "You are the same as me, too". An ordinary person. During Salieri's confession, the high-pitched laughter of Mozart resonated.

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