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    2. "Despite health warnings, a large number of people continue to smoke all over the world. Why should we be concerned about this?What solutions would you suggest? As time goes by, smoking has become a highly controvertial issue. First of all, not only cause dangerous diseases to the smokers as well people who do not smoke, but also generate expenses to the whole of society. Despite this, many people continue smoking. Generally smokers start smoking at an early age. Teenagers are vulnerable and they feel influenced by their peers and the mass media. It is only a matter of time before they become addicted to the nicotine and as a result, quitting smoking becomes difficult. For that reason, it is crucial that the government set policies that contribute to the declining of smoking. They can increase the taxes of cigarettes in order to disminish its consume. Furthermore, it should campaign about the side effects of smoking, especially in teenagers. These measures will be more efficient and less expensive to the health system. Similarly parents should be aware of setting an example to their children than teaching to be like them. If the parents smoke they will not have the morality to demand their children that they do not smoke. In conclusion, I would say there is no doubt about the damages caused by smoking and society must change the perception of smoking in order to achieve a better health for all of us. The resources that the goverment allocate to heal illness caused by smoking, could be used in better purposes that benefit the community." Here you go! Hope it helps :) (Very good writing by the way)

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    2. Controversial, not controvertial Over time, not as time goes by Not only does it cause dangerous diseases to smokers as well as to non-smokers, but it also generates expenses... Despite this, not despite of this (or in spite of this if you don’t want to repeat despite) Vulnerable, not vulnerables Influenced, not influencied Very difficult, not so difficult It is crucial that Government, not goverment Decline, not declining Taxes on cigarettes Reduce consumption, not disminish (*diminish) its consumption Especially on teenagers The health system in the UK is more commonly referred to as the NHS (National Health Service) There is no doubt about the harmful effects caused by smoking, *nor is there any doubt that society must... OR... *and I would add that society must... Achieve better health The resources that the government allocates to treat diseases caused by smoking (no comma) could be put to better use in order to benefit the whole community I hope you find this useful 😊

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