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Q: What does waddling away mean?
A: walking away but with a certain way of walking (drunk-like, toddler-like, duck-like, canoe-like lol)
Q: What does waddling towards mean?
A: Waddle - walk with shorts steps in a clumsy way
Waddling towards would mean that the thing was going towards something in a clumsy way.

Example: The ducks were waddling to the water.
Q: What does waddling mean?
A: Waddle in Portuguese means = andar gingando or bamboleando

For example:

Mamã, temos de andar gingando como elas?
Mama, do we have to waddle like they do?

It's meaning in English is:

(usually of a person or animal with shortlegs and a fat body) to walk with shortsteps, moving the body from one side to the other.
Q: What does waddle down mean?
A: In this case 'down' means 'going in a downward or downhill direction'. The term 'waddle' is most commonly used for penguins, so it could be describing a penguin waddling down a snow bank or something. Otherwise, I suppose 'waddle' could be used in a negative way to refer to how incredibly slowly and awkwardly extremely obese people walk.

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Q: What is the difference between waddle and shuffle ?
A: Waddle means someone who takes short steps when they walk so they are moving a little awkwardly. Shuffling means someone is dragging their feet when they walk.
“He waddles like a duck when he walks.”
“I heard him shuffling his feet across the floor.”

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