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Q: What does waltz mean?
A: As a noun, it's a type of ballroom dance. But as a verb, it's the act of doing said dance.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with waltz into.
A: We were having a conversation but he just waltzed into it and interrupted us. I didn't want to go into the haunted house, but my friend waltzed into it like it was nothing. At night, I'll just waltz into the kitchen for some little snack

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? What does "you can't waltz." mean? Does it mean "you can't have fun?"? The full sentence I heard this is "You're out of practice. You can't waltz in here and compete with girls who have been honing their craft since they were 16 years old."
A: When you use waltz in this context it means acting confident or inconsiderate. So this person means that he/she can't just walk into class confidently and expect to compete with girls who have been working on their craft since they were 16.

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Q: I like waltz in classical music. does this sound natural?
A: It depends on if you are using waltz as a noun or a verb here. In either case, the sentence feels incomplete. Usually it would be used as a verb, and you might want to say something like: "I enjoy waltzing to classical music." but it may also be used as a noun like this: "In regards to classical music, I enjoy waltz music the most"
Q: Could you tell me if there is a waltz concert? does this sound natural?
A: It's correct.
Q: She waltzes among colour leaves. She goes drunk by this idyllic atmosphere. Around her, the wind and song of rain sing like whisper, the nature seems to sing poetic words. The little dancer breaks time, she dances until the night. In the dark, it can see her outline through the streetlights. A halo of yellow light protected the child. She is under the moon and stars. It is midnight, it’s not important, it makes cold shehas afraid, it’s the black sky, it’s not important, she had braking the time, midnight not exist. She dances from the autumn leaves, the sky is illuminated. In her eyes we can see jewels, a little light exist in her heart, she is happy in the coldness season. It is the beginning of my piece of short story :) does this sound natural?
A: "A little unnatural: It's understandable and paints an engaging mental image, but contains a good number of grammatical errors. A very nice effort though!
Q: I dance waltz does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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