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Q: What is the difference between wastewaters and sewage ?
A: "Waste water" generally refers to unproductive water but one should keep in mind that waste water could turn out to be reusable!
For example, the water from the kitchen sinks could be regarded as waste water but it could be reused in the garden to water the plants.

Sewage is a kind of waste water which contains sewage materials from toilets, bathrooms, etc. and is generally non - reusable.

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Q: The wastewater containing fluoride may contaminate soil and the air as well as water, and it gives rise to affecting on plants, animals and humans. In other words, the ecosystem would be likely damaged and destroyed. It is time for governments to make a wise decision for the coexistence of humans and the environment. does this sound natural?
A: Hi, It is very helpful for me. Thanks for your help ^^

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