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    2. Anna is Kate’s sister, she is 4 years younger than her. She was only 11 years old when the film was made [???I don't understand :( ] .It began on a shiny morning. Kate was 3 years old, and her mother, Sarah, was worried about a big bruise on her daughter’s back. Doctors ran tests and figured out that her rate of white-cells was a lot lower than usual. A bone marrow ((biopsy??)) confirmed that Kate was suffering from cancer. More precisely, from an acute promyelocytic called Leukaemia. As you can guess, her parents didn’t want to let her die. Unfortunatelly, they could not give blood, neither anything else their daughter needed because they didn't match blood types with her. After listening, to the doctor’s proposal, they decided to have a third baby (here comes Anna). Anna is a designer baby that was born for a specific reason. In other words, Anna has been engineered to have a 100 percent match with Kate. She can give her (cord) blood, white-cells, transfusions of bone marrow, lymphocites, stem cells, even a Kindney, anything that she needs, after birth in order to save Kate. So, Anna came into the the world to be a « donor child » (in her father’s words). We can now understand the title of the film.. Anna was born to spare parts of her body in order to be her « sister’s keeper ».

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