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    2. commit in highway/ robbery قطع الطريق

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    2. "She waylaid him on the way to the door" "In order to waylay her, he had to stand in front of her" "On the road to the mall, we were waylaid by traffic" You probably won't hear this very often in common speech, but it is a really great word

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    2. Ambush - to hide and then attack Wayly - to attack someone while they are travelling (old fashioned word) Lurk - to hide, to sneak "The bandit lurked in the bushes hoping to waylay a traveller" "The crocodile lurks under the water until it can ambush its prey"

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    2. The difference is in usage. The verb "to waylay" is typically used when talking of brigands ambushing someone for the purpose of robbery and/or murder. "Ambush" can be used in all cases. It is exclusively used when describing the military tactic.

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