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Q: What does weakling mean?
A: The word weakling is hardly ever used. It means a weak person or thing.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with weakling.
1) The young boy was said to be a weakling.

2) Why are you such a weakling?

3) The girls didn’t think Geena would do it because she showed signs of being a weakling.

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Q: I said he was a weakling. (True or False?)

Bu cümle doğru mu? (Onun zayıf olduğunu söyledim. ==>> Zayıf karakterli, iradesi zayıf kimse.)
A: "I told that he's weak." or "I told that he's a weak person."
Q: He isn't a weakling, he just can't see anything clear without spec. does this sound natural?
A: I think you mean "glasses," not "spec." Sometimes "specs" is used to describe glasses when plural, but not often. Also, "weakling" is uncommon. Maybe say "He is not weak."

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