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Q: What does wearisome mean?
A: If something is described as “wearisome,” it is something that is making you feel tired or mentally exhausted, stressed out, or overwhelmed.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with wearisome.
A: The work was wearisome. (It's not a common expression, we typically use the words tiring or exhausting.)

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Q: What is the difference between wearisome and tedious and dull ?
A: wearisome and tedious and dull?

"Wearisome" that you have done something for so long that you are tired of doing it.
"Tedious" means that what you are doing has a great deal of detail, and so is difficult.
"Dull" means that what you are doing is uninteresting.

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Q: I am wearisome,I need be cozy consequently. does this sound natural?
A: × I am wearisome,I need be cozy consequently.
✓ I am exhausting (to be around), I need to try to be more relaxed.

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