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Q: What does I'm a wee bit thirsty but exactly I wanna know what's wee mean?
A: Wee means small.
Wee bit means a little bit.
I’m a little bit thirsty.
Q: What does - wee pal - mean?
In Scotland “wee” is used to mean “small”. All over the UK “pal” is a slang term for “close friend”, someone you meet and mix with regularly.
If someone in Scotland offers you a drink of whisky, they might ask ”Would you like a wee dram?”
Q: What does wee hours mean?
A: The wee hours means the early hours of the morning (usually 1-5am)
Wee is a Scottish word that means small (they say "wee child" or a "wee lass")
Q: What does "wee" in Scotland? mean?
A: Small or tiny
Q: What does wee hours mean?
A: Wee hours means very late at night or very early in the morning

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Q: Please show me example sentences with wee.

1. I take 1 spoon of sugar and a wee smidgen of milk in my tea.

2. Laura gave birth to a wee boy yesterday, he’s got the tiniest feet, so so cute.

3. We’re going out for a wee drink at the pub, join us if you fancy it.

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Q: What is the difference between wee and little ?
A: I think wee is more used in the UK and more slang language. Little is more formal.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? wees
A: Orphan
The kid without his parents was an orphan
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? when you wee surprised , what do you say accidentally like ' wow' .
A: I often say, "really?" when I hear surprising news.

Other questions about "Wee"

Q: It sounds a wee bit ominous. does this sound natural?
A: that seems a little bad/threatening.
Q: She’s just had a wee bairn. does this sound natural?
A: Yes natural, but really only if you were Scottish or from the very north of England.
You wouldn't hear 'wee bairn' at all in most of England or Wales.
You would mostly hear, "She's just had a little baby."

But yes, this is not unnatural English, it just depends on where in the UK a person is from!
Q: " worked until the wee hours of the morning yesterday" is the wee hours of the morning common in the US?
A: It is not extremely common, but if you were to say it, at least here in the US, everyone should know what you mean.

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