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Q: What does veer off into the weeds mean?
A: Veer off onto the weeds:

Get off topic.
Lose focus in a conversation.
Talk too much about stuff people don’t care about.

A salesperson “veering off into the weeds” is probably talking about technical things that are difficult for a customer to understand.
Q: What does we're in the weeds out here. mean?
A: The situation is in the restaurant. There are so many customers and tables are not clean. So manager said that sentence
Q: What does There, if it rained, a few stunted weeds struggled to the surface mean?
A: It means that if it rained in that specific place, a few weeds would grow. it’s a conditional statement, so whether or not “weeds grow” depends on whether or not “it rains”. Does that make sense?
Q: What does be in the weeds mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does we are in the weeds out here mean?
A: We are discussing too much detail. We need to focus on the specific issue.

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Q: What is the difference between weeds are pulling back. and weeds are being pulled back. ?
A: "Weeds are pulling back" suggests that the weeds are doing the action, so the weeds are pulling *something* back. Or it could mean "the weeds are pulling back from the wall" = "the weeds are coming off the wall by themselves" (with no external action)

"Weeds are being pulled back" suggests *something else* is acting on the weeds to pull them back, e.g. "the weeds are being pulled back from the wall", or "I am pulling the weeds back from the wall"
Q: What is the difference between many weeds and much weeds ?
A: “Weeds” is countable, so we actually can’t use “much” here. We can say many weeds, a lot of weeds, a ton of weeds, etc.

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Q: He plucked the weeds to clean his yard. Does this sound natural?
A: I would say "He pulled the weeds" rather than "plucked."
Q: We've just finished remove weeds in our garden. Does this sound natural?
A: "We've just finished removing weeds from our garden." か "We've just removed weeds from our garden." のほうがいいです。どちらもいいです。"We've just finished pulling weeds from our garden." もいいですけど、"removing" と "pulling" がちがうです。
Q: He willingly weeds in sidewalks. 彼は進んで歩道の草取りをします。
Does this sound natural?
A: "He voluntarily weeds the sidewalks."
"He doesn't mind weeding the sidewalks."
Q: "Don't forget to get at the weeds." What does "get at" mean?
A: Here it means "take care of" or "get rid of."

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