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    2. They are all synonyms, but for example, "yell" is often used when people are having an argument "The young couple were yelling at each other." To scream is stronger than yell, and is used in more extreme circumstances "I hate you! She screamed as she slammed the door." To shout is shorter than to yell or to scream, and I guess a little less emphatic than the first two words "You don't know the answer either! He shouted to his friend." Wail is the word you're looking for, and I think I've only ever seen it in written language. In regular speech you're must more likely to hear the first three words. This word is used for sorrow or mourning, "The young mother wailed at the news that her husband had been killed in the war."

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    2. 同じです😊

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    2. This is the best I can do with it. As long as *it's* not a strong dialect, we can understand Swiss German quite well. This is basically the same as with all dialects (e.g. Bavarian dialects, Low German). Personally, I think it's stupid to write *in a strong dialect* since there are no rules for it. Nobody will be able to tell you whether something is right or not because there is no *standard*. In this context, I think "standard" is a better translation for "Maßstab".

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