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    2. You're right that it's not written well. If they eliminated the "for" (what selected the) it would probably work better... BUT This is hard to edit because I'm not familiar enough with The Great Leap Forward, (to know the best way to write this). BUT the writing is pretty bad. Tangent: It reminds me of a college student trying to write "fancily", to sound more intellectual. It's a problem in academia. It sort of spreads in a group-affirming plague of "look how smart we are" for using fancy words that need decoding. (You might think I'm joking but this is a real problem, a few professors wrote fake articles with a lot of fancy words to see if they could get published, even though the words actually didn't mean anything, and they were repeatedly published!) Bottom line, sometimes it's not that you don't understand because you don't know enough English, but that no one understands unless they're faking it. 😲 Ok, sorry,.. Diffused = spread over a large area. So basically it spread westward (geographically, to places to the west of China).

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    2. January 25, 1959, a group of nine hikers was formed in the Urals mountains, which included a skiing guide. None of the party had turned twenty-five years old yet, except the guide, who was thirty-seven. There were eight men and two women. The purpose of the expedition was to hike to Otorten, a mountain located in Northern Russia. Before they started the hike to Otorten, one member of the group, Yudi Yudin, contracted an illness and had to stay behind in camp. His friends told him they would return on or around February 12th. According to the official report, the hikers would have left some evidence like papers and a camera. Then, on January 31st, the group arrived on the edge of the mountain area, so they decide to make camp. The next day, February 1st, the group walked to the opposite side of the mountain. The weather worsened and the visibility of the area became increasingly difficult. The hikers were lost and diverted westward to Kholat Syakhl, a mountain that translated into English means "Dead Mountain." In that place, being stranded with the weather, they decided to camp and continue with the hike the next day. They never returned , and after a long time without news, their families called the police, who began a search for the whereabouts of the nine people . Finally, the police found the corpses of all nine hikers, who apparently had been dead for two months. According to the authorities, there are several theories about the death of these hikers. Researchers believe the cause was hypothermia; others say there were indigenous people who interfered but there were no traces of more people.

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    2. a faint flush of rose to westward = the sky was pink on the west side the east made fair promise = the weather looked promising (= looked like it would be good or suitable later) After looking at the sky and seeing the colors to the west, the narrator predicted that the day's weather would be good.

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