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Q: What does whack! went the door. (I don't understand that mean. Is that mean, 'I heard Whack sound from the door.'? Why do they use 'went' or 'go' there? Whack go? Thanks for help in advance! mean?
A: The door was closed very loudly so it made a whack sound
Q: What does whacking mean?
Q: What does whining whack jobs mean?
A: People who you think are crazy that complain a lot.
Whining = complaining
Whack jobs = crazy people
Q: What does A hundred-dollar whack to the each of us. mean?
A: I see you are reading "The Town" (Prince of Thieves). You will find phrases in there that are difficult to understand, even for a native speaker of English!

In the context of the story, I believe it means that Jem and Gloansy will each be penalized $100 for a mistake they made.
Q: What does That's whack mean?
A: wack means uncool / ダサい

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Q: Please show me example sentences with whacked .
A: He saw a mosquito on the wall and whacked it with a newspaper

Is she on drugs? She seems pretty whacked out.

Q: Please show me example sentences with "Out of whack" .
A: "Out of whack" means "not working properly"
This machine is out of whack.
I thought I fixed it, but something is still out of whack. I'll have to keep trying.
Q: Please show me example sentences with whack job (for something or someone?).
A: This is a insult, haha. But here you go~~

He is a complete whack job.

Ugh, who hired the whack job?

I would come up with better jokes, but I don't expect a whack job like you to get them.
Q: Please show me example sentences with "out of whack".
A: "The scale is out of whack, you'll have to adjust it each time to get an accurate reading."
"These beams are out of whack; this angle should be smaller. I can't connect the end properly."
"I haven't be able to walk straight since I fell and hit my head. My balance is all out of whack."
"The timing on the traffic lights there is out of whack. You'll hit one red light and then another until you clear Redding Street."
Q: Please show me example sentences with "out of whack".
A: "Hey, can you fix my computer? It's out of whack.", complained Robert. Linda frowned, and responded, "out of whack? What's wrong with it?"
Robert pointed at the screen and explained, "Whenever I boot it, all these weird characters appear, and then the whole thing freezes. Finally it goes BSOD on me!"

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Q: Please, could you tell me what does "out of whack" mean in this sentence: Especially during a time when all our routines are out of whack, it's easy to overextend yourself at work or with family?
A: Out of whack, means 'out of order', or 'not working', or even 'messed up'
Q: What does "out of whack" mean?

The universe doesn’t look right. It suddenly looks . . . out of whack.

That is the strange message coming from astronomers and physicists, who are wondering whether they need to revise cosmic history.

The universe is unimaginably big, and it keeps getting bigger. But astronomers cannot agree on how quickly it is growing — and the more they study the problem, the more they disagree. Some scientists call this a “crisis” in cosmology. A less dramatic term in circulation is “the Hubble Constant tension.”
A: Out of whack means something isn’t working properly or something is out of order.

“My schedule is all out of whack” means my schedule got screwed up
Q: What "whack jobs wearing white hoods" mean in the following sentence?

Fake news are far greater threat to our democracy than a few whack jobs wearing white hoods.
A: A “whack job” is a crazy/stupid/dangerous person. “White hoods” appears to be a reference to the KKK (a racist, white supremacist group from the US). So the sentence is saying that “fake news” is a greater threat to our democracy than a few crazy, racist people.

(Just as an aside, this sounds like something Trump or a Trump supporter/spokesperson would say).
Q: What does "out of whack" mean?
A: For physical things - not working properly. "My car's engine is out of whack"
Q: He gave a final whack to the back of her neck.

What does whack mean?
A: It basically means "hit."

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