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    2. Instead of "Game of Thrones 5 season" it should be "Game of Thrones season 5". The second sentence is the big one, so I'll break it down. "More and more of the good ones" should be "More and more of the good [characters]" OR "More and more of the good [people]". "Characters" is better, in my opinion. "in this tv series" is fine, but TV should be capitalized. You can also say "in this TV show" if you want another wording. "is humiliated by the bad guys" : In this, "is" should be "are" because you are talking about more than one person. "bad guys" is very informal, and another word you can use is "humiliated by the [villains]". If you don't know what "villains" means, it's just fancy word for bad guys. "I can't whait for ever for John Snow's revenge!": "whait" should be "wait" and "for ever" doesn't make a lot of sense. It would be better if you wrote it as "I can't wait for John Snow's revenge!". So in all: I'm watching Game of Thrones [season 5] now and I can't believe what I see. More and more of the good [characters] in this [TV] series [are] humiliated by the [villains]. I can't [wait] for John Snow's revenge! Oh my god! I am glad you are enjoying the show ^^

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