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    2. Whammy could refer to a whammy bar or pedal. Whammy could also refer to curses or jinx. Depends in what situation you're trying to use it in.

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    2. A double whammy is two big things, one right after another or at the same time. So he's likely saying he will be releasing two big/important/good videos soon

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    2. whammy is a word used to describe a big moment or powerful physical blow. here are some examples: "Today was a real whammy Joe. I'm exhausted." "Wow! that punch was a whammy! it knocked his opponent onto the floor. "

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    2. 这是在哪里看到的呢??全部都是俗话,前言不搭后语 😂😂 “beam me up scotty”是《星际旅行》里的一句很有名的话,表示着你那么想离开一个地方而要上飞船去外太空😂CA是“加州”简写,ur就是“you are”简写(在别的情况下也可能是“your”或者“you're” 哈哈) “double whammy”就是“双重坏事”吧,坏事发生的时候另一件坏事也发生了, “i guess we know whats in the water" 是个比较老的说法,就是说所有的住在一个地方的人都很奇怪,好像自来水里有毒品,他们喝了以后都疯了。“their”应该是“they're”,那个人打错了。“no wonder they're nuts”是“怪不得他(们都)疯了”,说的是毒品的那个比喻 。我总觉得英语是个特别乱的语言,你看看上下文猜一猜吧😅 加油 哈哈

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    2. fleshy = having or showing a lot of flesh (skin) double-whammy = two bad or controversial things that happen at the same time his fleshy double-whammy = the two nude paintings that he produced during that year, which were considered shocking by the public

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