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Q: What does be subject to the whims of someone mean?
A: It means that what happened to those things depended completely upon the moods of the parents and what they felt like doing at a particular time. IE, not based on fixed, predictable and fair rules.
Q: What does They are at the whim of the boss mean?
A: The boss can change his/her mind without notice. But they must do what the boss wants, even if the boss may want something different later. They have no choice- they have to do what the boss wants.
Q: What does on a whim mean?
A: on a whim = based on a sudden and impulsive urge, desire or idea; without careful planning
for example: we decided to go to the beach on a whim
Q: What does political whims mean?
A: Sudden/impulsive/unusual/capricious political manners
Q: What does whim mean?
A: To do something on a whim means he did it last minute with no thought. "He did it on a whim" & "She bought the car on a whim" are some examples

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Q: Please show me example sentences with on a whim.
A: It means you did something without planning ahead, but in a fun way. For example,

"Yesterday I was driving home from work when I decided to go camping instead of going home. I did it on a whim."

"I bought this chocolate cake on a whim."

"On a whim, I went and said hi to the cute guy on the train, and that, kids, is how I met your father."
Q: Please show me example sentences with On a whim.
A: I went skydiving on a whim
She did it on a whim
Of course it doesn't make sense, she did it on a whim
It was a whim
I wouldn't call it a lifelong ambition, it was just a whim
Q: Please show me example sentences with on a whim.
A: "I bought this sweater on a whim" meaning that you didn't originally plan to get it, but rather you got it on impulse. As for how common it is, it's not something you hear everyday, but people won't look at you weird if you use it :)
Q: Please show me example sentences with on a whim.
A: 'On a whim, I grabbed my car keys and ran out."

"I decided on a whim that I'd go to the play."
Q: Please show me example sentences with whim .
A: He decided to go to the park on a whim.

I didn't kiss you on a whim! I've always loved you!

A servant has to accommodate every whim of her employer.

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Q: What is the difference between on a whim and off the cuff ?
A: You would use “on a whim” if you decide that you want to do something unexpected
You would use “off the cuff” if you have to do something unexpected

“ I bought this handbag on a whim”
“She decided to go on a trip to Italy on a whim”

“I had to come up with a whole speech off the cuff”
Q: What is the difference between on a whim and on the spur of the moment ?
A: ‘on a whim’ is usually something you say when you do something because you’re bored or have nothing else to do and you usually don’t have much interest in doing it. ‘Spur of the moment’ is usually something exciting and spontaneous and can typically be caused by whatever is happening at that moment. For example, ‘I decided to help him on a whim because I had nothing else to do’ or ‘We were all talking about sky diving and in the spur of the moment, we decided to do it’.
Q: What is the difference between at whim and on a whim ?
A: It's more usual to say "on a whim".
Q: What is the difference between on a whim and at whim ?
A: @kk77acb They are the same, I think the first is more common.
Q: What is the difference between whim and want ?
A: You can have a "want" for a long time. You cannot have a "whim" for a long time.

"Want" is usually a verb. "I want to go there."

"Whim" isn't usually a verb. "I whim to go there." sounds weird. "Whim" is something you "have". "I have a whim to go there."

You can "want" a "thing." "I want a new car."

You can't "whim" a "thing", and you can't have a "whim" for a "thing." You can't say, "I whim a new car", or "I have a whim for a new car."

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? whim or caprice?
A: whim is more common, but some people say whim
some people say caprice, but other people say caprice
but it's "capricious"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? "she did it on a whim". does it sound natural? is there another way to say that?
A: That sounds very natural :)

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Q: no whims to answer to but my own.
You're probably talking about my whims.

What is the word ' whims' meaning in these sentences?
A: whims = urges / desires

In this case it means that she doesn't have any pressure to follow orders from a boss since she works freelance.
Q: I usually don't do that, I did it on a whim. When I saw my daughter doing her calligraphy homework, I was kind of inspired to do the same. Does this sound natural?
A: sounds great!! ☺️
Q: You can go anywhere you want on a whim. Does this sound natural?
A: 한국말로 다시 쓸 수 있겠어요?
Q: Can I use these,'hastily' and 'on a whim', in the similar meaning of doing something suddenly without thinking through?
Like I bought something on a whim, I hastily purchased something.

And can you recommend other expressions that I can use in those situations?
A: Hastily is more often used when you bought something in a hurry without thinking it through.
On a whim is used when you do something suddenly but have given it a thought before doing it.
Q: On a whim, we decided to eat delivery food
(If its wrong, pleas correct me) Does this sound natural?
A: what you want to say is " On a whim, we decided to eat takeout"

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