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Q: What does whiners are wieners mean?
A: Whiner = people who complain
Wiener = people who are losers.
So, people who complain, are losers!
Q: What does whiners are wieners mean?
A: It's an expression, basically meaning that people who whine are annoying and people don't really like them.
Q: What does That whiner is never without a grumble to share. mean?
A: That (annoying) person always has something to complain about.

The British and Australians might say that but probably not the Americans. It's slightly derogatory so don't go around calling people 'whiners'

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Q: Being a whiner also seems addictive. Since your good friends are trying to be support you, you're so happy with that, you just listen to them but you don't change. What you really need to do is just listen to their voice more seriously and take some actions based on their advice. does this sound natural?
A: so nice , your advisory is very inspiring.

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