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Q: What does What does,, whisk away" mean? mean?
A: whisk away =
1) [literally] use a broom or a similar tool to clean something up
2) [figuratively] suddenly travel somewhere or be brought somewhere, especially to a romantic or exciting destination
3) [figuratively] to be forced to leave a place
Q: What does whisk mean?
A: It means to stir. It's a term used usually when you're baking or cooking.
Q: What does whisk away mean?
A: To take away, or remove something quickly or suddenly. "Father whisked away the dinner dishes after we all finished eating."
Q: What does waiting to whisk employees to appointments mean?
A: "whisk" means to move or take away somewhere quickly or suddenly. So, in this context, it's saying they had chauffeurs (drivers) just waiting outside the building all the time just in case Condé Nast needed to suddenly rush employees off somewhere to go to a meeting or appointment.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with whisk.
A: I saw that you have many questions with example sentences and that you are pretty fluent in english. Instead of this maybe you can look up "example sentences for ...." or you can look up "example sentence dictionary" I think it would be much easier and convenient 😁
Q: Please show me example sentences with whisk.
A: You must whisk (verb) the cream to make it smooth.
Use the whisk (noun) to make the cream smooth.
He was whisked (verb) away to the hospital.

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Q: What is the difference between whisk and beater and mixer ?
A: but a lot of people will casually interchange the terms
Q: What is the difference between whisk and beat (principally when you talk about eggs) ?
A: whisk is when you add air when you stir usually using a fork or a whisking tool and beat is using a mixer.
Q: What is the difference between whisk and stir ?
A: to whisk is to stir using a cooking tool called a whisk. to stir is to stir with a spoon.
Q: What is the difference between whisk and eggbeater ?
A: the one in that pictue is a whisk. An egg beater is the old fashioned whisk. it has to clog/gear things that you get moving by turning the handle. this makes the whisk like things on the bottom turn and beat the eggs...
they're similar

Hope this helped

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? whisk
A: @corho: This is pronunciation. The "h" is silent.

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Q: whisk この単語を知ってから、どうして、ホイップクリームのことを、ホイップで、表現するのだろう?と考えてしまうのですが、、
もしかして、手作業で、泡立て器でかき混ぜて作ったクリームは、whisked creamというのでしょうか?

whip の意味に、鞭で打つ 折檻する という意味があるのを知ると、ホイップクリームが、痛々しいです😂
A: Whipped cream is not necessarily made with a whisk. "Whip" is a fast motion of mixing liquids with a utensil that helps mixes air into the batter, which could be almost anything that's used to mix foods.
Q: can you please pass me the whisk does this sound natural?
A: can you please pass me the whisk? a whisk like a kitchen tool? then yes good.

whisk, spatula
Q: Using a whisk, whisk the egg whites until they will be doubled in size. does this sound natural?
A: Whisk the egg whites until they double in size

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