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    2. Whatever: Boy: “What would you like to eat?” Girl: “I don’t care, it’s whatever you want.” “Whatever” is used to generalize the topic so it is easier to address. It is commonly associated with conversations about something that is unknown. Whoever: “Whoever drove the car parked it in the wrong spot.” “Whoever” is used to address unknown people. When you ask a question, you can simply use “who.” Whichever: Mom: “You can have a toy.” Daughter: “Really? What should I choose?” Mom: “Whichever one you want.” “Whichever” shows that there are multiple options that have yet to be decided. Whenever: Mark: “What time should we leave to go to the movies?” Lisa: “Whenever you want to!” “Whenever” is associated with time. It gives the person (or people) options on when to leave. When you are unsure of the exact time, but there is no time limit in going (say you’d like to go to the park, or the store), you can say “we can leave whenever.” Wherever: Husband: “Do you know where you want to go?” Wife: “No. It’s wherever you’d like to go.” “Wherever” is for places. When no one is sure where to go, but wants to go there or is addressing that place, “wherever” is used. Whyever: It’s not a word, but it can be used separately, as in “why ever did Mark do that?” But it is uncommon. You can just use “Why”

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