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    2. It's the facial expression when there is sharp pain.

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    2. wince when you hear something that makes you feel bad or scared. wince when you feel so much pain that your face simply reacts to show of ur pain. 3. (the best example) a baby winces when people try to make em taste sour things like lemon. it is the action of stretching(or in a sense tightening) your face muscles. This is what I know and use for. I may be wrong. Have a nice one <3

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    2. A wince is an expression of pain or surprise. A pout is an expression of annoyance or irritation. Joe winced as he pulled the bandage off his arm. The dentist saw her patient wincing when she touched his front tooth. The little girl pouted every time she didn't get her way. Sue tried to pretend like she wasn't upset about being ignored, but she still pouted a little.

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    2. Both are appropriate situations for wince, because the thought of the past/future situation causes pain. Especially the past, because that actually happened. Here is a good example of flinching... There is a show in the U.S. that occasionally plays a "Flinch Game" with celebrity guests. The goal is to not flinch (or react) when an object is hurtled at your face by a machine.

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