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Q: What does womenfolk

is this an offensive word for women?
because I don't understand how women+folk
can sound offensive. mean?
A: The word "womenfolk" is a really outdated word to use, and it's associated with the times when women were considered lesser beings than men. As such, men from a few centuries ago would call women "womenfolk" collectively, followed by what was usually a degrading remark or patronizing comment. Basically, nowadays, "womenfolk" is associated with that outdated misogynistic mindset. ^^;

"Womenfolk"이 진부한 단어인 걸요... 여성이 남성보다 덜 중요하다고 간주 된 그 옛날에 "womenfolk"를 몇 세기 전의 남성이 사용하면 그 후 대개 비방적인 말이 뒤 따랐어요. 그래서 요즘 여성혐오(misogyny)에 관련있는 단어예요 ^^; (한국말 잘 못해서 죄송합니다 ;; 제 말의 의미를 이해할 수 있기를 바랍니다)

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