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    2. @Tinoco_16: Thanks a lot! woohoo!

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    2. in the game The Sims - it means to have sex. but its usually an expression youre happy/excited

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    2. I think so!

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    2. They all generally express the feeling of success,happiness,fun, and even used to congratulate yourself and other people. Examples with Hooray: "Hooray! I completed my driving test!" "School is over! Hooray!" Hooray similarly expresses "Finally" "School is over finally!" Examples with woohoo: In my opinion, woohoo is the more crazier version out of all of these. Let me explain. Although you could say "woohoo!I completed my driving test!" Woohoo can expressed as more of a sound that you make when you're having a lot of fun. On a roller coaster, you will always hear "Woohoo!" Because the people on the ride are having a lot of fun! *please let me know if that makes sense, I can explain in more detail if you'd like* Examples with WootWoot: Okay so, woot woot, really is a sillier term these days. At least to me it is. It's what I like to call an "old people" term. If a teenager/young adult says woot woot, it's usually to be funny or silly. It's hard to express this without showing you or letting you hear how woot woot is expressed.

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