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    2. a) On the night of New Year's Eve, I had made up my mind that I would read an english novel in the New Year. I chose Robinson Cruose. b) I chose this book because I had admired the solitary island in which life was free from the worldliness described in the novel. 3. I left my house without bringing an umbrella because there was a weather forecast that morning on the television which said that today would be cloudy and then clear up afterwards. However, around noon, the rain started to fall and I was drenched. 5. A kitten coincidentally came into our house. At that time our kids were starting to want a kitten, and before we knew, it has become a part of our family.

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    2. a) (On--not required) New Year's Eve, I made up my mind to read an English novel. I chose Robinson Crusoe. (You don't need to use "first" if you're only going to read one novel. If you meant more than one, you'll need to change the first sentence to "read English novels. It's implied (understood without saying) that you're going to read them "in the New Year," so you don't have to state that if you don't want to. b) This is because I admired the solitary life--free from worldliness--of the island depicted in the book. 3. Is pretty good besides the punctuation. 5. Coincidently, a kitten came to our house at the same time our kids said they wanted one. Before we knew it, it was a part of our family. There's a couple different ways to say many of theses sentences including the last one.

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    2. You could say instead world go to hell

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