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Q: What does wright mean?
A: a maker or builder.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? wright
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: what is wright?
A: It depends. It is an old word for a builder, but it is also the name for a type of ghost.
Q: A: wright
B: right

How do you pronounce differently each other?

Does this sound natural?
A: As other people said, “wright” is a surname (the Wright brothers, Frank Lloyd Wright) and it’s also a word (used only in combination with other words) meaning “maker” or “builder” in (now) just a few words in English: shipwright (someone who makes ships), playwright (someone who writes plays)
Q: How to wright 「 We are expecting seven students (attend) this evening class, so far. 」to English teacher by E-mail.
Could you give me some model answer.
A: "So far, we are expecting seven students to attend class this evening."
(Not a direct translation; I made it sound more natural.)
Q: Be careful not to wright on the wall. Ballpoints won't come out. Does this sound natural?
A: Be careful not to WRITE on the wall.

As for the second sentence, try saying, "Ballpoint MARKS won't come OFF," or something like that -- something pertaining to marks left by the pen, not the pen itself.

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