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Q: What does senior year mean?
A: senior year generally refers to your last year of high school your last year of college
Q: What does 7 year mark mean?
A: "Once it has reached 7 years."

It means it has been 7 years. As if it passed a goal "mark".
Q: What does for the seventh year in row in 2015 mean?
A: First time was in 2009.
Second time was in 2010.
Seventh time (in a row) was in 2015.
"In a row" means that there were no gaps.
Q: What does current consolidated fiscal year mean?
A: It refers to a complete and accurate year's financial earnings and spendings.
Q: What does my senior year is set up to be cake mean?
A: I think it would mean that your senior year is set up to be easy.

When someone says "piece of cake!" they mean "It was/is easy!".

"It was a cakewalk for me" means "it was easy for me."

There is a type of dance called a cakewalk, the best dancers would get a cake as the prize. I think that is where the saying comes from.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with is what's ''in''this year.
A: "in" is used to describe what is popular or available at the moment.

That style of jeans are so in this year.

Wearing that hairstyle is so in this year
Q: Please show me example sentences with year after year.
A: The company gives the same bonuses year after year!
The house needs restoration year after year.
Year after year, the swallows migrate from Argentina to California.
Q: Please show me example sentences with the year before last .
A: “I met her the year before last.”
“The year before last, I was in high school.”
Q: Please show me example sentences with "for the second straight year".
A: I'm going to switch two words.

For the second year straight I ate sandwiches for lunch.
Q: Please show me example sentences with What a year she/he has had!.
A: In a positive context
Wow! What a year she has had! First she won a free holiday and then she got engaged!

Negative context
What a year he has had! He lost his job and then his wife left him.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Q: What is the difference between year old and years old ?
A: @doremon22478163: Oooh, I see. It's correct. When you use it before the noun, it becomes an adjective, so you don't have to use the plural for "year".

"He is 19 years old" is correct.
"He is a 19-year-old teenager" is also correct.
They both mean the same thing!
Q: What is the difference between half a year and a half year ?
A: Nothing really. People use either one when they want to talk about something that happened or is going to happen in 6 months.
Q: What is the difference between all year around and through out year ?
A: I think there is no significant difference.
Q: What is the difference between all year around and through out year ?
A: All year round is an expression linked to a 'state' ex, "In Florida it is sunny all year"

And through out the year can be used in the same way but is linked to a sense of progress,

Ex. "The plants grow through out the year"

It can also be used as something will develop or has developed.

Ex. "Through out the year my English had improved greatly"
(Past tense)

"It will improve through out the year"
Q: What is the difference between second straight year and second year in a row ?
A: The latter creates more emphasis.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? year 1974,2000,2001,2002,2003,2011,2012,2017 of the Christian era
A: nineteen seventy-four
two thousand
two thousand (and) one
two thousand (and) two
two thousand (and) three
two thousand eleven OR twenty eleven
two thousand twelve OR twenty twelve
two thousand seventeen OR twenty seventeen
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 2012 was the year in which it was supposed to be the end of the world” is it correctly?
A: "2012 was the year the world was supposed to end"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 1900 as a year
A: nineteen hundred
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? once a year now
A: Annually, yearly
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Happy new year!!! everyone!!! if you are a good person it means twice for you!!!
A: I'm guessing this might be Russian idiom. How about:

Happy New Year, everyone!!! And that counts double if you've been good!

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Q: We didn't talk much this year, did we? Does this sound natural?
As we grow up year after year, this life shows us that it certainly has multiple and different shapes. regardless of how bad it may look, it shouldn't be our ultimate perspective of life. Instead, we need to give our minds a broad scope to clarify what is still vague and uncertain. That is the best thing we can do to stay on the right track. Does this sound natural?
A: “...takes multiple forms” ... > shapes is not the right translation of شكل here
Q: you know what I learned this year, not everyone is actually your friend Does this sound natural?
A: Learned sounded like learn to me, but everything else was good.
Q: Hey you're built like a twelve year old girl. No one is taking your bullshit broscience seriously Does this sound natural?
A: awesome job
Q: It is early to make my new year's resolutions, but I'm considering them now. They are about studying English and Italian. For example, I will make at least a sentence in English every day. I'm planning to do it when I welcome the new year, but I think that It's good thing to start it now. Does this sound natural?
A: Excellent - very natural

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