Native language

Arabic Fluent

Country or region they know well
Countries and regions of interest
Spain , Mexico , Switzerland , Turkey , Saudi Arabia , Syrian Arab Republic , Brazil , Colombia , Peru , Argentina
• Mother language is Arabic. Second language is English. Third language is spanish (still learning it)

• Planning to be a speaker of 9 languages;
(Arabic - English - Spanish - Italian - French - Portuguese - Turkish - Russian - and Swedish)

• I study all the languages by my own

• I study Spanish using: Duolingo (course,stories and podcast), Studyspanish, Edx, SpanishDict, HiNative, Radio Garden, RNE, Radio España, Beelinguapp, cuentos cortos, cuentos para dormir, español con Juan, the fable cottage, and HelloTalk.

•Twitter: @LanguagesW
(Twitter account is only for learning and sharing what I learn about languages not for chatting )