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Norway , Netherlands , Switzerland , Nepal , Iceland , Thailand , Austria , Finland , Denmark , Faroe Islands , Bhutan , Belgium , Germany , China , Egypt , Curaçao , Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of , Mongolia , Russian Federation
Hi there, I’m Madison Héléna.

I am half Dutch (dad) and half Canadian (mum)- so therefore I am a native Dutch and English speaker. I have learnt French since I was 8. Now my focus is on German and Russian.

I am a student of Toegepaste Taalkunde (essentially translation/interpretation with 3 languages) at KU Leuven in Antwerp, Belgium. Writing is my main passion. On top of that, I am a mountain lover, photographer and huge linguistics nerd who enjoys nature and travelling. This app has somehow managed to become a pretty big hobby of mine, so I’m on here quite often. I will always do my best to help you with your questions surrounding countries, culture, and/or my mother tongues.

Instagram: @mvzelfde