Native language

English (US) Fluent

Country or region they know well
United States
Countries and regions of interest
United States , Ecuador , Mexico , Puerto Rico , Germany
Hi, my name is Jim.

I'm a huge language enthusiast, completely fascinated by languages in general, and have a great admiration and envy of polyglots and true linguists. :)

I've studied Spanish, French, and German in high school, college, and post-college private tutorship and study.

I've lived all over the United States, from coast to coast, and have also lived in Germany for three years, where I worked as a software engineer. While working in Germany, I was required to perform my job in German, which was quite a challenge for me, to say the least!

I may someday consider moving to Puerto Rico or Ecuador when I am fully retired, so I have a vested interest in re-learning and improving the Spanish that I studied in my high school and college days.

Unless I move back to Germany instead. ;)