Native language

Korean Fluent

Country or region they know well
Korea, Republic Of
Countries and regions of interest
Japan , United States
The principle of Answering:

1. With Frankly speak rather than pretentious and ceremonial talks. Acknowledging the diversity of ideas, but a hypocrite who believes that one's alone is right must be smashed.

2. Prefer to long with detailed explain than a carelessly short one. A short monocortical answer produces additional questions such as "Why do that?" Before the opponent does so, explain with sufficient reasons.

3. An eye for an eye. If they ask a question for Trolling or careless, Show them unleash the hell.

4. Be nice, but don't have to be nice for crybabies. they ask for help with their homework, or if they are doing fan club activities, tell them quiet and gently go somewhere else.