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16 Mar 06:31 AM

  • Korean
What does Is a goal of your plan to tax billionaire out of existence? - CNN NEWS

( = is it hard to charge for tax to rich people...
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12 Feb 03:28 AM

  • Japanese Near fluent
Nothing encourages you more than an encouragement words from your friends and family. does this sound natural?
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10 Feb 06:07 PM

  • Kurdish
“Just let them be “means what???
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02 Feb 11:32 AM

  • Simplified Chinese (China) Near fluent
  • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
How do you say this in English (US)? when I come here again , our relationship will still as close as we meet that day. It maybe like I have never gone.
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Deleted user
02 Feb 11:23 AM

My parents love me, that's why I can be on the Internet and I think everybody has the rights to have access to the Internet regardless th... does this sound natural?
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29 Jan 07:31 PM

  • Russian
Hi, my name is Lina and I'm from Russia. I am looking for a native speaker to help me improve my English. Please, write to me🙏
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Deleted user
29 Jan 07:12 PM

see also this thread if you don't know.
see also this website if you don't know
check this thread if you don't know
does this sound natural?
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29 Jan 07:05 PM

  • Korean

‎I wrote the sentences what she said in the video. (53:19~53:48)
Please let me know if I'm correct and if ...
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29 Jan 06:55 PM

  • Simplified Chinese (China)
  • Japanese Near fluent
Hello, I’m trying to describe this pic in English, Is anyone here free to help me?

One day morning, the little Michael told whisperly h...
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29 Jan 09:42 AM

  • Japanese
Is the word "curfew" used in your everyday speech? If you often use it, could you give me some examples?
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