Native language

English (UK) Fluent

Country or region they know well
United Kingdom
Countries and regions of interest
Japan , France , Spain , Germany
Hey my name’s Serena I am learning Japanese, French and spanish! 🇯🇵I also know a little Spanish as I learnt it for 3 years but l am out of touch with it as it’s been awhile since I wrote anything down! my uncle lives in Spain he has for 14 years! 🇪🇸
I know some French too as I have learnt that in a class at my old school about 5 years ago so it’s been awhile but I want to learn again!! 🇫🇷

I have other social media’s to help other people feel free to ask for my instagram, HelloTalk and many more😊

I think I’m the future I would also like to learn German!