Native language

English (US) Fluent

Country or region they know well
United States
Countries and regions of interest
Japan , Mexico , Spain , Egypt , Vietnam , Korea, Republic Of , Guatemala , China , Hong Kong , Paraguay , Brazil , Portugal
Hello everyone! I am a student from America who is always happy to help others improve their languages. I aspire to be a translator one day.

I have been taking Spanish at my school for 8 years and have been learning Japanese for about a year now. After I have a good grasp on Japanese, I hope to learn Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic (to talk with my grandpa) and any other language that I can learn. I would like to go on a rotary trip to Japan when I get to high school.

I like listening to music from Japan 🇯🇵, some k-pop 🇰🇷 and I like anime. I hope I can get to know you better too!

Goodbye, ¡adiós, さらば!(^O^)/