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♥ I'm 25 years old and I work full-time as an audit assistant in Düsseldorf. German fiscal and commercial law can be really interesting! Also, the job involves a lot of business trips, which is great for a postcrosser.

♥ I love learning foreign languages. I speak fluent German, English, French and Spanish, good Dutch and Italian and a little Romanian. If you know any of these languages besides English, it would be great if you wrote your postcard in it.

♥ I think there should be more people reading books during train rides rather than staring at their smartphones. I'm currently reading "The Bridge on the Drina" by Ivo Andrić, a book I can recommend to you so far.

♥ I love nature. I go hiking regularly and never without my binoculars and my nature guide. I like places deep in the woods where I can't hear the highway anymore, but only birds and flowing water, and where the air is still clean.

♥ My love for nature and being oudoors is the reason why I am a huntress. I learn something new about the animals and plants being native to Germany every day. Follow my adventures here:

♥ My favourite sports are inline skating, cycling and running. I like sport which involve being outdoors because those are a good way to work of stress after a long day at work. In autumn and winter, when the ground is wet and slippery, I go ice skating on a weekly basis instead.

♥ I really enjoy cooking. I cook every evening if I don't get home from work too late. My dream is to know all my favourite recipes by heart and to make bread and marmelade myself instead of buying it.

♥ If I were an animal, I would be a beaver because it's diligent and persistent, because it shapes its environment and because it likes continuity. Too much continuity in life would be boring though. Sometimes something unexpected must happen.

♥ My favourite season is winter. Coming back home after a walk in the cold, a snowball fight or a sleigh ride and drinking hot chocolate or tea while enjoying the smell of incense candles is the most relaxing thing I could ever do.

♥ My second favourite season is autumn. I like to kick away piles of leaves someone carefully swept together and to make chestnut animals. But it's also the time of the year when the apples are ripe and when I can make apple and cinnamon pie again.

♥ I would like to touch an elephant's trunk and a pig's nose one day. These unusual wishes are on top of my bucket list, above seeing a meteorite, building a snowman which is taller than I am, bungee jumping, seeing the milky way and going on a river cruise.