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14 Apr 01:49 AM

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Hi so i'm learning the korean particles but i don't understand something...
it's between 이/가 and 은/는
exemple : 물이 차갑다 (the water is col...
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27 Jan 02:30 PM

  • English (UK)
Please show me example sentences with 는/은 를/을 I know how to understand korean but I do not get these grammar particles(?) would be nice to see an example to help me understand .
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17 Jan 01:46 AM

  • Turkish
"귀는 토끼처럼 쫑긋 세워지다"
"슬픔에 빠지다"
"맥이 빠지다"
이 말들은 관용구인가요?
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16 Jan 04:20 AM

  • English (UK)
How do you say this in Korean? it’s on me/ I’m buying (food)
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16 Jan 02:18 AM

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
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Can someone show me some conjugations of verbs (past, present, future) and when to use they?
Because when I read some sentences I notice...
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16 Jan 02:05 AM

  • English (US)
How do you say this in Korean? I dropped my son off at preschool and left him with the administrative assistant outside of the preschool. How should I say goodbye?
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16 Jan 02:03 AM

  • English (US)
  • Filipino
How do you say this in Korean? may I go to the restroom?

(if you're in school and wanna go to the toilet )
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16 Jan 02:00 AM

  • Spanish (Spain)
What does 구경하다 mean?
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16 Jan 01:55 AM

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (Spain)
What is the difference between 소파에 앉아요 and 소파에서 앉아요 ?
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14 Jan 06:22 AM

  • Hungarian
How do you say this in Korean? Raise your left arm
- Lower your right arm
-Touch your knee
- Turn your head this way
- Turn around
- Look that way
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